The planet is dominated by tendencies, and our own lives are ruled by technology. Sometimes it is wonderful to have a refuge from the modern world. Making your home feel a little rustic is certainly a fantastic way to do that. Hickory wood flooring, using its tree-colored tan to red colors, is the perfect option if you’re wanting to produce your city home feel a little country. Below are some other benefits of hickory hardwood flooring.

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The Benefits of Hickory Wood Flooring

From the Kitchen
A growing number of homeowners are installing hardwood in their kitchens, and with good reason. Due to its hardness, hickory is one of the best flooring option for the kitchen. It can better withstand hazards like falling pans and pots better than other flooring options. Scratches and dents can ruin a flooring quite quickly, and hickory will camouflage those small imperfections with its normal color variation. Coupled with sealants in floors finish technology, Hickory becomes resistant to water from spills that occur so often in the kitchen.

From the Family Room
Family rooms tend to have plenty of visitors for families with pets, young children, and people who like to entertain guests. Fortunately Hickory is one of the top forests that can resist the wear and tear. All that action can give rise to a toll on a floor. The strength of hickory is a benefit if you want to put exercise gear or heavy grand pianos or like to reconfigure your furniture frequently.

We’ve already mentioned that hickory is great at withstanding damage, but it’s good at hiding scratches and dents if they happen to happen. Because of its dark and light mix, scratches and dents are more difficult to see. Stains and dirt could be well hidden by hickory, which is fantastic for those who have a hectic lifestyle. Dry mopping is a lot easier because you can worry less about damage from too much water.

There are plenty of flooring choices on the market, and all of them have their benefits. If you are interested in finding a”rustic” flooring that can hold up strong against wear and tear, then hickory must definitely be one of the top contenders.


Best Engineered Wood Flooring Is A Myth

If you’re one of the many people who’s thinking about fitting engineered wood flooring, it’s highly probable that you’re keen to seek out the best option. That said, it’s important to realize the best engineered wood flooring for your job mightn’t be the very best for the next person, so you need to be quite wary of assuming someone else’s”best” are your best.

Engineered hardwood flooring comes in a whole host of wood species, grades, finishes and board sizes in addition to in 3 or multi-ply choices . Add to this the necessity to consider things like warranties and delivery times and you start to find that ascertaining what could be ideal for you really is true of working through the options in detail and one-by-one. Here’s a checklist which will help you:

Which types of timber do you want? There’s a whole plethora of different species of timber available as engineered floors nowadays. Add to this, the simple fact that even within each species, there’s a broad assortment of grades, finishes and colours and it will become clear that there really is no such thing as the”best engineered hardwood floors” across the board.

What grade of timber will function best in your budget? They are: either prime or AB; select or ABC; organic or ABCD and pastoral or CD. Prime grade forests are, broadly speaking, the most expensive option and pastoral that the least expensive. The principal differences between the two would be the dimensions of the knots, the consistency of the colour and the quantity of sap from the wood. The best quality of wood for your job will depend on the appearance you are hoping to accomplish, as well as your budget.

Which complete will work best with your desired look and your lifestyle? In between you will typically find options such as brushed and lacquered, white oiled and unfinished, leaving you plenty of choice. Once more, the ideal finish on your floor will depend on just how much traffic you expect in the area you’re likely to re-floor, as well as the general style you’re hoping to achieve.

What about board size and thickness? Engineered wood flooring not just comes in a wide variety of board widths, it also comes in various thicknesses of board and lamella, or high layer. Making the best choice for you is both a matter of style and practicality. While thicker planks will last more, if you have under floor heating by way of instance, you want to respect maximum thickness recommendations so as to ensure efficient passage of warmth.

3-ply or multi-ply? Once more, it is reasonable to anticipate 3-ply to be cheaper than multi-ply, but you want to bear in mind that 3-ply will not withstand humidity and humidity changes as efficiently as a multi-ply board. In addition to this, in case you have under floor heating, 3-ply is normally not recommended. So once more, there is no single”best” option.

Add to all these items, the difference in price and the difference in service from other suppliers in addition to delivery delays and you will start to feel that”best” engineered hardwood floors truly is a myth. Having said that, work your way through these options one by one and do a good amount of research and also the top engineered hardwood floors for you will soon become evident.

Floor Colors in Style for 2020

Discovering the proper color of flooring for a company is comparable to purchasing the ideal colour of vehicle or clothing. What that colour says about you and your company determines how well clients favorably perceive your new.

Shade is always significant in advertising, with science demonstrating it changes behavior. It is even more reason to consider seriously what type of flooring color you will use in a company, or in home.

What are a few of the coolest for 2020? Have a peek at this listing of ones in fashion based on aesthetic tastes from clients.

Some Lighter Color Trends Will Be Whitewash

Most dark floors have started to become passé this year after being in this past calendar year. Many color extremes were the trend in 2019, proving one year to the next can often bring polar opposite ideas. Additionally, it is well worth contemplating darker colours do create mild dirt and pet hair appear longer .

Since lighter colours are in, one of the most popular are the whitewash look. Maybe it is the times being the reason for this trend. However, going with brighter colours can make any business or house look more inviting.

In some time when Coronavirus (COVID-19) is shutting down many companies, the notion of using lighter colours to eventually welcome individuals back appears apropos.

Not that lighter colours are the sole floor trend moving. If it comes to floor colors, variations imply staying mild throughout warmer tones.

There appears to be a trend lately toward clients wanting grey-colored floors blended with a little beige. Some people are calling this”Greige”, a word catching on in the flooring market.

Grey has been a popular flooring color for a number of decades now. Over time, though, and with the introduction of going lighter, adding a different colour to create a new tone has been bound to happen.

Warmer colors are in within their”milder” category. Adding the Greige look brings a compromise between the milder and centre tone colour range.

For hardwood floors, this look is stunning and always stands out in almost any area. It fits in well with natural completed hardwoods so many customers want today.

Honey Wood Colors

Mid-range colours are still selling well since they always lighten living or business environments. Honey Wood has become nearly as popular as gray.

Utilizing this colour is the greatest compromise in going lighter, if still providing a warm tone several homes and businesses prefer.

Because this is a natural color, many natural timber flooring goods use this. Expect this one to become a classic color throughout the 2020s.

High Variation Colors

Many clients are needing the original colors of wood. Being able to do a decade ago was not always possible without having planks appearing all 1 color instead of varied.

Better flooring technology lets high version colors to occur so the pure appearance of diverse wood colour can permeate a space. Employing high variation implies the floor becomes a mixture of lighter, mid century, and darker planks to get a distinctive mix.

Using a combined wood colour won’t influence the durability of the floor products. When contact us in Floor Sanding Dagenham, you are guaranteed the highest quality services with excellent durability, and affordability.

How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Like New

shutterstock_450368968There are loads of advantages to hardwood flooring rather than carpets. Not only does it add a classic look and feel to your house, but it is also a good deal easier to wash. At Floor Sanding Dagenham, we are aware that proper floor care is vital to ensuring that your hardwood floors continue looking pristine for many years to come. Telephone 020 3369 1303 today to learn more about our flooring maintenance services.

Tips for Maintaining Your Floors Spotless

Consider everything you bring home with you in your shoes. Whether you know it or not, you are probably monitoring in tiny pebbles, dirt, gravel, and much more. Think about the impact these things can have in your hardwood floor over time. The debris can start to put into the floor as time passes, destroying the finish and causing it to lose its glow. To avoid this, we recommend the following tips:

  • Vacuum Often to prevent debris from accumulating.
    Using a broom to sweep the floors will probably prove ineffective since the dust will eventually settle and sink right back down to the floor. An vacuum cleaner or microfiber dust cleaner is the better option. Though it might not be required to clean all of the flooring, high-traffic places like the kitchen could be helpful to clean more frequently.
  • Try to find a vacuum that will not scuff your flooring. Many vacuums have beater bars which can chip the floor’s finish, so try to locate one that’s detachable.
  • Try a doormat!Welcome mats tend to be more than just for appearances. Invest in one that is broad enough that you are going to have to step on it a few times before reaching the timber flooring. By keeping it at the entrance of your home, visitors will have a opportunity to wipe their shoes prior to monitoring the outside onto your clean flooring.
  • Take your shoes off at the doorway. If possible, try to get people take their shoes off when entering your property. This way, you are not just cutting the dirt that’s brought in, but you are preventing scuffs and chips from shoes like high heels.

Call the Experts

Even the most dedicated cleaners occasionally require some assistance. Our team at Floor Sanding Dagenham takes pride in our affordable flooring cleaning and maintenance services. Whether you’re looking for yearlong cleansing or a finish retouch, we have got you covered. Contact us now by calling 020 3369 1303, and we’ll be delighted to answer any questions that you might have for us!


wood-species-300x200While hardwood flooring makes an excellent addition to a home, selecting a random colour could result in a disappointing flooring fashion error.

The diverse colour options available can make it difficult to pick the right wood flooring colour for your home. You need to take into account different aspects of your current house to avoid an unpleasant final outcome. The simple suggestions below can help you select the ideal colour for your hardwood flooring.

Room Size

Dark hardwood floors may be appealing to you, but you ought to think twice about placing it in a small room. It can make the room look gloomy and dense, particularly if the walls are also dark. You can use dark hardwood floors in large, open rooms with high ceilings to make them feel more intimate.

Color Design of the Present Furniture

The colours of your hardwood flooring should go nicely with the décor on your San Jose home. The floor color should match or contrast the current color scheme, but should not be of the exact same colour. By way of instance, you can put in a dark ground in an area with white cupboards or utilize it to boost light walnut colored cabinetry using a grain. If your table and floor have a comparable timber tone, then you may use area rugs to make a shade transition or split up the space.

Maintenance Prerequisites

Both dark and light colored hardwood flooring can collect scratches and dents if you are not careful. But, their care requirements vary. Dirt and dust are inclined to be visible in dark colours than in white and light colours. You will observe scuffs more readily in mild colours. If concealing scratches, dust, and tiny dents is an excellent concern, decide on a natural colored flooring in a matte finish.

Room Design

When deciding upon the perfect hardwood flooring color, it’s also advisable to think of the look you’d love to create. If you would rather chic and contemporary, choose dark colours. If you would like to earn your flooring the focal décor part in a large open area, choose a daring, deep shade such as certain colors of red, as an instance, Santos Mahogany or Jatoba. They’re also great for adding personality to offices and insides. If you’d like a traditional look, select traditional browns such as walnut or chestnut stains, or natural unstained wood.

Most of all, do not select colors simply from assessing photographs and utilizing virtual software.

Make sure you see samples in person before scheduling your hardwood flooring installation.

For more useful tips on picking the best wood floor color for your home, please contact us at Floor Sanding Dagenham. For over 20 years, we’ve been offering high-quality flooring services to clients in the Dagenham areas.

We offer sales, installation, and repair of a large variety of hardwood floor colors, finishes and surface styles. We’re committed to helping you get the best flooring options for your home and completing your project while maintaining your projected timetable and budget. Call us today at 020 3369 1303, or fill our contact form to get a free flooring sample, schedule a service, or ask a question.

Hardwood Decking Types

^16626D591EA2F5B5ECB4F11E25CCE4CB1730187DE5D0491F67^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrHardwood decking is basically horizontal, wood boards, placed over an outside space, on which you may put furniture or plant baskets. The perfect way to expand your living room and really appreciate the wonderful outdoors, hardwood decking is a fashionable and popular approach to produce terraces, pool surrounds and seating places. The wood used for decking is sourced out of certain species which are resistant to fungal growth and give naturally exceptional levels of durability and wear resistance, with no requirement for substance treatment.

Hardwood Decking Types:

Ipe Hardwood – Ipe Hardwood originates from South America and can be dark brown olive to dark olive in look. Ipe is famous as a decking material because of the insect resistance and durability in addition to being inherently fire resistant.

Teak Hardwood – Teak Hardwood originates from Indonesia and begins life as a golden color before turning into a traditional silver-grey patina. Because of its superb weather resistance qualities, Teak is employed in a variety of ways, from out-door furniture to garden and ship decking. Unlike other species, Teak boasts natural oils which remove the need for preservatives and sealants.

Iroko Hardwood – Also called’African American’, Iroko wood is native to Africa and starts its hardwood life as a yellowish wood, which instantly darkens into a rich brown colour. It is used in many different ways, from the building of flooring, worktops and decking to boat-building and even musical instrument structure. Iroko is unaffected by mosquitoes, insects, acids or alkalis, making it the perfect choice for decks.

Cumaru Hardwood – Also called’Brazilian Teak’, Cumaru wood is native to South America and starts life as a deep red/yellow wood before turning right into a classic silver-grey patina. Cumaru decking is exceptionally robust and boasts a Class A Fire Rating (the like concrete or steel) which, with its own anti-decay and anti-insect damage characteristics, makes it perfect for decking.


What Is White Washed Wood Flooring?

product-solid-wood-york-white-washed-room1White washed wood at one time was the option selected by those people who could not afford paint, but lately that has changed. The white washed appearance on timber has been a favorite style for at least a couple of decades, largely because it provides a look of heritage, a look old and adds a real charm to the easiest of wooden products.

White washed wood flooring was traditionally created by employing a calcium hydroxide and chalk mix to timber to make it seem as if it’s been distressed by the test of time. An extremely popular option at the latter portion of the last century, white washed wood flooring still brings itself now to light and airy interiors, especially those of the New England look and style. Typically twinned with lotions, off-whites and an occasional splash of stars and stripes or union jacks, the New England design is synonymous with understated elegance and serene, relaxed interiors.

In its normal state, whitewash cures to a tough paint over a number of times and in order not to lift the surface of wood flooring will normally be finished with an oil or sponge topping. Among the main attractions of white washed wood flooring is the treatment actually enhances the grain of the timber, which makes it stand out and look especially textured. Again, this appearance really enhances the overall attractiveness of any relaxed, yet fashionable interior. While you’re able to treat wood to look white washed yourself, this can be quite a task if you are tackling a full room.

That said, if you have a little room and fancy giving white washing a move, it is not all that difficult. All you have to do is sand the wood back to its original state and clean away any dust or dirt that’s remaining. To achieve the white washed look, you need to use a watered down comforter, which, to get a well-weathered look, you should use with a rag throughout the ground, following the grain of the wood as you go. When you do this, work in long strokes and look out for knots in the timber as you go, taking the opportunity to work the paint to the knots to really bring out their beauty. You will likely find that you need to apply several coats based on the look you aspire to achieve, but in any event, it is vital to be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before continuing on to the next. If you discover you have over-done the paint impact you can always sand some of it off to increase the distressed look. As soon as you’ve completed, you should seal the floor, either using a polyurethane sealer or even a finishing oil.

All that said, if you are looking for a new flooring job in the eye and you are able to select white washed wood floor from the variety available from your flooring provider, you ought to be pretty much spoilt for choice. With solid and engineered wood alternatives available, you will have the ability to attain a white washed appearance, no matter if you prefer a walnut or a walnut base.

Check Your Subfloor Before Fitting Wood Flooring

[Era line] Vetus-19When you’re planning to purchase a new wood floor, one essential thing in your checklist should be your subfloor. Sadly, something which’s often disregarded, your subfloor plays a far more important role in the look and the longevity of your hardwood floor than you might give it credit for. Thus, before you go ahead and put a recently purchased hardwood flooring, take the opportunity to test out what lies beneath. Here are a few things you need to think about…

Learn exactly what your subfloor is Made from

The very first thing you you need to establish is that the substance of your subfloor. The most common subfloors are wooden boards and concrete. If you lift an older carpeting or an old wood floor you are going to get a very clear impression of the state of your subfloor and one of the principal things to identify would be what it is made from.

In case your subfloor is constructed from planks, you are going to come face to face with the issue of whether you need to place a layer of ply over the planks or when the planks are adequately secure to stand until the guide installation of your new flooring. To be able to earn any type of assessment of this ground, you have to check out the planks carefully to determine if they’re secure, well repaired and at reasonable condition. Should they seem at all damaged or shaky, it is likely worth presenting a layer of ply prior to fitting your new flooring. But should you determine that the boards are in good order to maintain your new flooring, then you simply have to be certain they are well repaired and free of protruding nails and sharp items.

If you’re in any doubt, it is worth contemplating putting a layer of ply of your present planks. Ply is a superb surface to the new flooring and should not break your budget.

By carefully assessing and preparing your board subfloor properly, you may significantly enhance the general appearance and lifespan of your floor. NOTE: One more thing to keep in mind if you’re placing a new plank flooring right over an older one is that you need to put the new boards vertical (at a 90 degree angle) into the previous ones.


Concrete is one of the most frequent subfloors today and also the most essential issue to consult a concrete subfloor is your moisture level. Concrete subfloors will need to be in good shape and comparatively dry to help a brand new hardwood flooring successfully.

When it comes to measuring the moisture content, you can either get the pros in or employ or purchase a rust measuring machine. If you get the professionals in, you will not need to be worried about taking dimensions yourself. But should you opt to go it alone, you should take around 30 moisture readings and aim for a constant moderate across your readings of no more than 2-3%. Putting your new hardwood flooring over a damp subfloor will only stock up issues for the long run.

As soon as you’re satisfied that the moisture levels are within acceptable limits, you need to ensure the subfloor is free of old adhesive, lumps and bumps and is usually in good shape before going to lay your new flooring.

Might you want an underlay?

It’s a peculiar thing, but almost everyone accepts an underlay enhances a carpeted floor considerably, but many people don’t even think about underlay when fitting a brand new hardwood flooring. That is a shame, since regardless of what substance your sub floor is made of, a grade underlay will give you:

  • A great laying surface.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Reduced danger of moisture.
  • Lessened noise pollution.

If you are planning a wood floor project and you are worried about the status of your subfloor, why don’t you get in touch for some information? At Floor Sanding Dagenham we are always here to help you make the most of your wood flooring project.


Exploring Nordic and Scandinavian Style wood flooring

scandinavian-arhus-editWhen you believe Nordic and Nordic style, you usually think mountain biking, blonde wood and a good deal of it. The light, bright interior design we all associate with this portion of earth is attribute of everybody from designer Josef Frank through to Ikea and is a terrific way to give your house a clean, fresh feel.

If it comes to wood floors which matches this particular styling, what you have to be considering are light blond oaks, white-washed planks and oiled finishes. To put it differently, with this appearance there is nothing glowing and shouty and there is surely nothing shiny.

A fantastic way to combine with relaxed and cozy furnishings, washed out color palettes and a good deal of soft sheepskin, this is in fact a warm and comfy style for summer months ahead, however will not look out of place once the temperatures do grow.

At Wood and Beyond we like to have a really broad assortment of white and light floors in stock at all times, which is great news for men and women who desire a wide option. But if you are especially looking for Nordic and Scandinavian design wood flooring, here are a few of our best options.

Bargain basement with lender breaking great looks

This natural engineered oak sunny white UV oiled floor fits this Nordic/Scandinavian look to a tee . This flooring option is perfect for anyone searching for a really inexpensive pick-me-up for your house or if you’re renovating an whole property. A solution that works through the home, this is in fact perfect if you fancy using uniformity either all of the way through your apartment or your house. A bright and light choice, it works in bathrooms, kitchens and above under floor heatingsystem.

Natural, neutral and classy

For anybody who would like a slightly more natural’woody’ texture for their flooring, this nearly mushroomy colored engineered oak floor that has been white and brushed UV oiled is very likely to be right up your street. A click system alternative, not only does it look good, it comes in an incredible cost, and is a complete breeze to match. This indicates is that you might be looking at your new flooring a lot earlier than you imagine possible. Mix this one using the basic lotions, off-whites and pastels linked with this Nordic/Scandinavian appearance or move a little crazy with color. The decision is completely yours.

Strong and Trendy

If you are floor or re-flooring a room in the house that does not come up against considerable temperature or moisture changes, nor is going to have underfloor heatingsystem, this one’s for you. There are few things more lovely when it comes to wood flooring than solid pine flooring. This distinct good oak floor has been brushed and white hardwax oiled. This means is that the true beauty of the wood was brought to the fore and enhanced to make it look better than it does naturally. A strong and chunky feeling flooring, you simply can not go wrong with this one.

When it comes to the finishing touches in your Nordic or Scandina


vian room, it pays to invest time that’s required to make the proper choices. As we mentioned earlier, the likes of sheepskin rugs are a great addition to this kind of room setting as is simple, yet stylish lamps, coffee tables and even simple, white-on-white walls and art.

When you are thinking this sort of styling, feel clean, calm and calm and you won’t go wrong.

If you’re searching for a new wood floor and are spinning around in circles due to the massive selection of choice you are facing, reach out and talk to us. We all know the questions to ask to help you reach a conclusion about what type of flooring would work for your home, your lifestyle and your budget. And what is more, the advice we provide is completely free and always has a smile. Our priority is you receive the best flooring for your project. Period.