Hardwood Decking Types

^16626D591EA2F5B5ECB4F11E25CCE4CB1730187DE5D0491F67^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrHardwood decking is basically horizontal, wood boards, placed over an outside space, on which you may put furniture or plant baskets. The perfect way to expand your living room and really appreciate the wonderful outdoors, hardwood decking is a fashionable and popular approach to produce terraces, pool surrounds and seating places. The wood used for decking is sourced out of certain species which are resistant to fungal growth and give naturally exceptional levels of durability and wear resistance, with no requirement for substance treatment.

Hardwood Decking Types:

Ipe Hardwood – Ipe Hardwood originates from South America and can be dark brown olive to dark olive in look. Ipe is famous as a decking material because of the insect resistance and durability in addition to being inherently fire resistant.

Teak Hardwood – Teak Hardwood originates from Indonesia and begins life as a golden color before turning into a traditional silver-grey patina. Because of its superb weather resistance qualities, Teak is employed in a variety of ways, from out-door furniture to garden and ship decking. Unlike other species, Teak boasts natural oils which remove the need for preservatives and sealants.

Iroko Hardwood – Also called’African American’, Iroko wood is native to Africa and starts its hardwood life as a yellowish wood, which instantly darkens into a rich brown colour. It is used in many different ways, from the building of flooring, worktops and decking to boat-building and even musical instrument structure. Iroko is unaffected by mosquitoes, insects, acids or alkalis, making it the perfect choice for decks.

Cumaru Hardwood – Also called’Brazilian Teak’, Cumaru wood is native to South America and starts life as a deep red/yellow wood before turning right into a classic silver-grey patina. Cumaru decking is exceptionally robust and boasts a Class A Fire Rating (the like concrete or steel) which, with its own anti-decay and anti-insect damage characteristics, makes it perfect for decking.


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