Exploring Nordic and Scandinavian Style wood flooring

scandinavian-arhus-editWhen you believe Nordic and Nordic style, you usually think mountain biking, blonde wood and a good deal of it. The light, bright interior design we all associate with this portion of earth is attribute of everybody from designer Josef Frank through to Ikea and is a terrific way to give your house a clean, fresh feel.

If it comes to wood floors which matches this particular styling, what you have to be considering are light blond oaks, white-washed planks and oiled finishes. To put it differently, with this appearance there is nothing glowing and shouty and there is surely nothing shiny.

A fantastic way to combine with relaxed and cozy furnishings, washed out color palettes and a good deal of soft sheepskin, this is in fact a warm and comfy style for summer months ahead, however will not look out of place once the temperatures do grow.

At Wood and Beyond we like to have a really broad assortment of white and light floors in stock at all times, which is great news for men and women who desire a wide option. But if you are especially looking for Nordic and Scandinavian design wood flooring, here are a few of our best options.

Bargain basement with lender breaking great looks

This natural engineered oak sunny white UV oiled floor fits this Nordic/Scandinavian look to a tee . This flooring option is perfect for anyone searching for a really inexpensive pick-me-up for your house or if you’re renovating an whole property. A solution that works through the home, this is in fact perfect if you fancy using uniformity either all of the way through your apartment or your house. A bright and light choice, it works in bathrooms, kitchens and above under floor heatingsystem.

Natural, neutral and classy

For anybody who would like a slightly more natural’woody’ texture for their flooring, this nearly mushroomy colored engineered oak floor that has been white and brushed UV oiled is very likely to be right up your street. A click system alternative, not only does it look good, it comes in an incredible cost, and is a complete breeze to match. This indicates is that you might be looking at your new flooring a lot earlier than you imagine possible. Mix this one using the basic lotions, off-whites and pastels linked with this Nordic/Scandinavian appearance or move a little crazy with color. The decision is completely yours.

Strong and Trendy

If you are floor or re-flooring a room in the house that does not come up against considerable temperature or moisture changes, nor is going to have underfloor heatingsystem, this one’s for you. There are few things more lovely when it comes to wood flooring than solid pine flooring. This distinct good oak floor has been brushed and white hardwax oiled. This means is that the true beauty of the wood was brought to the fore and enhanced to make it look better than it does naturally. A strong and chunky feeling flooring, you simply can not go wrong with this one.

When it comes to the finishing touches in your Nordic or Scandina


vian room, it pays to invest time that’s required to make the proper choices. As we mentioned earlier, the likes of sheepskin rugs are a great addition to this kind of room setting as is simple, yet stylish lamps, coffee tables and even simple, white-on-white walls and art.

When you are thinking this sort of styling, feel clean, calm and calm and you won’t go wrong.

If you’re searching for a new wood floor and are spinning around in circles due to the massive selection of choice you are facing, reach out and talk to us. We all know the questions to ask to help you reach a conclusion about what type of flooring would work for your home, your lifestyle and your budget. And what is more, the advice we provide is completely free and always has a smile. Our priority is you receive the best flooring for your project. Period.

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